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I'm here for your pacific need anything you desire I am here for you If you just want to talk I'm here to talk Or if you want something a little bit more Pacific sexual I'm here for your desire


I�??ve been an empath since before I can remember. The first time anyone ever told me what it was I was about 7. I could feel the anxiety coming off my teacher and I started crying. They called my mom and asked her if she could come get me because my teacher was weirder out. So I�??ve been practicing in small ways ever since. I want to expand it now to people I don�??t know.


Hi I am 21 years old. Im very outgoing and like to try new things. I love hot wings and tacos. I like running and walking. I like to think about life and how it changed me for the better. I like going to new places and trying new things. Im very social and love to talk.


This is a very challenging time. Let me help you navigate your way through it. Whatever is currently weighing on you. This is a safe place for you and your problems. I specialize in relationships, existential questions, anxiety, depression.


I Am a Super Empath with lifetime of experience intuitively finding what ails and healing the mind and soul. Here to answer questions, help you gain insight and move passed what ever is blocking you from having peace and a live your best life


I realised I had the gift when I lost my grand parents and started going and talking to their graves and having animals and others coming up to me passing messages on from the afterlife x


I have studied and practiced psychic work for 25 years and helped and guided many people through tarot, angel cards and crystals. I like to use crystal skull as they give great clarity and vision. I can normally see through situations and get a good angle on things when you begin to talk to me and through the written word by sms.


Hello Stranger, If you are interested in talking, having fun, sharing experiences or just someone who listens you - I am here, and pleased to know more about you.