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30 min tarot card reading I specialize in Love Relationships Money Twin flames If you have a question, the tarot cards have an answer ❤️ Love and light Ella


I live to help people and give them the assurance that they need. I specialize in astrology and love and relationships. If you need guidance and assurance on love, relationships and to understand yourself and others through the gift of astrology then look no further.


My ability to see what is to come is something that has been passed down through generations of woman in my family. My energies are connected to the earth and my foresight is something I have never been without.


I noticed I had ablities when I was a little kid at the age of 4, I would see things, hear things and dream things only someone with psychic gifts would have. I am a Natural Born Empath, I was born highly sensitive and attuned to peoples feelings and emotions making it easy for me To read them. I am also non-jugemental, so feel free to be yourself but respectful. I am also clairaudiant, I can hear spirts/ancestors/angels/ sending me messages for the Good I also have third eye intuition from god.


Greetings, I am an intuitive Tarot reader and empath. I would love to tap into your energy and questions to bring you clarity. I have been in touch with my intuition and communicating with my spirit guides since I was a young child. I first realized my gifts when my dreams would come to fruition starting around age 5. Later around 12 years old I started reading Tarot cards. As an adult, I've given thousands of professional readings to clients.I look forward to working with you, love and light.


I'm very spiritual, in touch with the all knowing source I call God. I have a divine connection to the ether and the answers to lifes questions. I own three sets of unique tarot decks that I use to bless my clients with wisdom and knowledge. I can't wait to do a personalized reading for you. I am very open and reliable. xxx.


Hi, I'm a South African clairvoyant. I see things. I feel things and I dream things. I hope I can be of service to you today. I only ask that you let go and ask spirit to lead you to the answers you seek today. Que Sera Sera.


Pisces sun. Virgo Moon. Sag Rising. Empath & Spiritual Healer. Astrologer. Natal chart readings & predictions. I can feel you. I can help you. I am here. I am everywhere.