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Hello there, my name is Autumn and I specialise in Tarot and Angel Card Readings. I have been doing readings for a few years now and really enjoy helping people find the answers to their questions. Love and peace. Xx

Personal number 17310


Dive into the world of intuitive tarot with me. With 4 years of experience and a legacy of intuition from my mother, I offer empathetic readings and guidance. Harness the power of the cards and embark on a journey of clarity and empowerment. Let's unveil the messages the universe holds for you.

Personal number 38520


It's December, enjoy a holiday discount until after the New Year! I use my knowledge of Western Astrology, Tarot, and spirituality in combination with my psychic gifts to help people from a compassionate and nonjudgmental point of view. I specialize in love and relationships, past lives, and healing journeys. I am so glad the universe brought you to me!

Personal number 37698


Grand Rising Beautiful Souls I am a Psychic Medium I specialize in speaking to loved ones who have passed on as well as Being a strong clairvoyant I can assist with any of your other worldly needs Have a beautifully blessed week!

Personal number 39455


Extremely accurate Intuitive Tarot Reader specializing in advice and guidance for lifes most pressing questions, as well as dream interpretation readings through my tarot tools. I am also a medium and can provide messages from loved ones who have passed. I love helping others and am passionate about using my gifts to get you on the right path or to help get you through your current dilemmas. Lets connect and see what the universe has in store ofr you!

Personal number 12010


I have been a professional psychic for over 30 years. I work as a clairvoyant, pet psychic and dream interpreter. I really enjoy doing this work and helping people. Dream interpretation is very very fascinating and very deep. It really gets to the crux of the matter. I come from a Croatian background and my mother and grandmother were psychics. I am a psychic that loves to help people with their romantic life. And through the psychic readings I can really give practical information

Personal number 38536


Hello everyone, I am Pria, a psychic and tarot reader of many years. My reading style is friendly and compassionate, and I use my knowledge of the cards as well as my intuition and psychic abilities to provide you with the answers you seek. Whether you have a specific question or just need some guidance, I will always do my best to give you insight and clarity. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need my help.

Personal number 38556


Hello and welcome to my profile. I introduce myself as a psychic, I have grown up among psychics, seers, and fortune tellers and so for me to have lived alongside these particular people with a gift and ability makes me proud to have become a psychic, seer, fortune teller, and clairvoyant. After thirty years and more of psychic readings and clairvoyance from the 90s to today. On 09/27/2023 - I obtained my diploma and certificate as a Psychic and Clairvoyant. Do you need help contact me.

Personal number 39423