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What do the cards reveal for you? Let's explore and have them help guide you toward your next path. Is it Love? Friendship? Career? Or Anything in between? Let's take a look at what paths are open to you.

Personal number 19097


I am a generational master psychic medium and metaphysical mentor. I interpret energy through multiple disciplines: clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairalience, clairambience, and mediumship. My life’s passion exists in assisting others in realizing their soul’s purpose. My primary ability is channeling energy from Spirit. This unique form of correspondence between dimensions was passed down to me from my mother’s side of the family, and has provided me the ability to read people almost instantaneously, on a deep and intuitive level. I also experience precognitive dreams, practice mediumship, and have powerful empathic abilities.

Personal number 49867


Hello Beautiful Souls! I am a Natural Born Intuitive Empath, Psychic, Channel/Medium and have been a Mystic/Seer many Lifetimes. I Love helping others with these Gifts and would be Honored to assist you with whatever Life advice or Spiritual Guidance you need at this time. If I am not online you can still schedule a booking or message me. Text BLESS ME and I will send Positive Energy and Prayers your way. Love, Light, Blessings and a Beautiful Future to You!

Personal number 47573


I have more than 15 years of experience, since I was little I have had premonitions that really happen and with the help of my grandmother who was a medium I developed my gift, nowadays I work only with spirituality.I help people with the gift that God gave me. I am honest and direct in all my consultations

Personal number 14534


I'm not the usual psychic you'll find. I use some ways you may not know: Clow Cards, Hwatoo, I Chin, runes and the Alethiometer. Why these and not the usual? Clow and Hwatoo are like tarot, but from a different approach. Over 2 decades studying them. Also, I can help you heal and have your needs fulfilled creating bindrunes and sygils only for you. It's what my mother and her mother and thr women line of my family has been doing for generations. You go first, always. And I love you, no matter what.

Personal number 23746


I am a psychic who uses tarot for my primary tool of divination. I combine energy reading with my psychic abilities to make a connection with the spiritual realm, working closely with source and spirit guides to interpret messages of spirits. Im deeply compassionate understanding and full of empathy and assure you will feel safe and relaxed. I want to assist you in gaining clarity in whatever situation you are going through. Whether its a quick 3 card reading or a more indepth reading I am always happy to help.

Personal number 26535


Hello Beautiful Soul, Welcome to my lil corner of the interwebs. Do you ever wonder what messages or guidance the universe has for you? This is a safe space and a judgment free zone. Together we can dig into what you are needing to explore to get you on your path to your highest good. I offer Chakra Readings, Self-Care Spreads and General Readings. Have the most Amazing Day!! I look forward to working with you.

Personal number 35726


Hi my name is Ludus. I am a fourth generation Australian clairvoyant psychic tarot card reader specialising in astrology, Break ups and love and relationship tarot. I can help you get the answers you seek and the clarity you need and give guidance and advice and be there to listen to your concerns and questions. I have over thirty years experience as I have had this gift since a child. Hope to speak with you soon.

Personal number 45498