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I am an intuitive clairvoyant who has had psychic abilities since I was little and was encouraged by my mother to pursue Tarot and astrology. There are multiple realities, and what I offer can provide a glimpse into our present so we can alter our futures. I love working with energy to help you heal from past traumas and attachments to create more fulfillment in your love and relationships.

Personal number 37741


TOC: This is a test account. Do not try to contact me as you may lose your credits. Please choose real Psychic to talk to

Personal number 10760


Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Giovanna. I am a relationship expert. I can tell you how to get him or her to love you and only you to desire you to want if you are unsure of the relationship, what is his or her thoughts towards you contact me if this person has ghosted you or feel, it’s just not showing you enough. I can help get them to completely fall in love with you. Take initiative and know where you stand. Dont waste your precious time get the answers now

Personal number 40081


I was 13 when I discovered I had intuition powers that I really didn't or thought existed. As I grew older I would wake up in the middle of night during in which a significant event would happen and I would find out later that I woke up at the exact same time with a gut wrenching feeling. Over time I learned how to utilize this to my advantage and I have been able to help millions of people with future prediction loved life and solving what feels like a lifelong curse for some let me help you.

Personal number 45884


As a young child I was seeing sprits, they will show up in my room, and tell me messages to give to my family. Now, Im able to read clouds, water , fire and many others. My specialty is money, career and finance and love life , given yourself goals and ambitions

Personal number 14489


Intuitive medium. Energy healer for 14 years. I remote view into your energy. Spiritual advice. Clear energy blocks. Balance chakras. Dive into past lives and awaken positive traits and/or abilities from those past lives back into you, here and now. Remove negative subconscious beliefs. Raise current vibrations. Remove fears, grief, and other unwanted emotions. Clear curses. Ghost removal. Settle karmic debts. Heal on the ancestry, genetic, past, present and soul family lines.

Personal number 44408


I am an experienced Tarot Reader. I have Empathic abilities and I utilize my Spirit Guides for direction in my readings. I only use my gifts to try to help others, never to harm. I love being able to use my Spirit Guides to lead people in the direction they are meant to go. If you are interested in seeing how my Spirit Guides can help you, please reach out to me and let's chat!

Personal number 39632


Welcome to HighAFPriestess Tarot✨🧿🧿 Intuitive tarot and oracle readings for everyone. Here we pull messages for reflection and empowered decision-making + how to step into our abundance🌻✨ Disclaimer: Any and all readings should at NO TIME be regarded as legal, medical, financial, or physiological facts. HighAFPriestess (Katrina) is NOT responsible for ANY actions taken by the listeners of these messages/tarot readings.

Personal number 38768