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Sagittarius- What does your Starsign mean?

December 11, 2015

From November 22-December 21, the sun is in Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the zodiac. If you were born in those dates, you can read this blog and find out what being a Sagittarius means for you.

The symbol of Sagittarius is a centaur holding a bow and arrow, which symbolises the archer constellation. The archer is also a hunter, and Sagittarius is known for their love of learning. They are always seeking new places and new wisdom.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. They are a curious bunch of people, and always thinking about the long-lasting effects their decisions may have. They are always thinking things over and are highly philosophical.

Sagittarius is best matched with Aries, Aquarius and Leo. Aries and Leo share their love of exploration and adventure, and both will enjoy building a relationship where they can go to places together. Aquarius can match Sagittarius’ intellect, providing them with an equal to bounce their ideas off of and all three are very compatible with Sagittarius in the bedroom.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Quality: Mutable

Element: Fire

Birthstone: Turquoise and Yellow Sapphire

Colour: Light blue

Lucky Numbers: 6, 3, 5 and 8

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