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I am a gifted Tarot reader, astrologer, natural empath and intuitive psychic with 25 years experience. I was awakened to my gift as a little girl by my maternal great grandmother. I work with Tarot cards, Angel cards, crystals, spirt guides, dream work and intuition. I can support you in all areas of your life in a positive and inspirational way. Together we can gain a deeper understanding into your situation, so you can feel empowered and positive going forward.

Personal number 13625


I am a highly gifted intuitive tarot reader for 2 years. I was able to notice my ability to read energy as a young child. I also have very prophetic dreams that come into fruition. Some of my gifts and abilities are Clairvoyance clairaudience, empath, and recently I discovered the ability to connect to passed on spirits. I am very passionate about using my gifts to provide clarity and help others to use their own discernment.

Personal number 21090


Third generation Witch & a natural born psychic, empath, clairvoyant (Clear Vision) claircognizant (Clear Knowing), clairsentient (Clear Feeling), healer, light worker and medium. I've spent years fine tuning my psychic abilities and learning different types of divination specializing in tarot reading. With almost 30 years experience you can put your trust in me!

Personal number 22657


Hello I am gifted psychic reader I am able to seek into the future to help u and guide u on to the right path in life . One reading with me will change your life for the better

Personal number 22442


The divine feminine. Trauma survivor. Empath. Relationships and guidance. Mental health support. Specializing in narc abuse/emotional abuse/trauma bonds and self esteem.

Personal number 12087


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Personal number 16832


As far back as I can remember I have always been drawn to tarot cards. What was once a frowned upon tool for guidance is widely accepted today. I have used the art of tarot to offer guidance to others for many years and have recently decided to pursue readings on a more professional level. I look forward to helping you along your journey and uncovering what the tarot cards hold for you.

Personal number 22461


Hello my name is Iris & I'm an intuitive reader who does intuition based readings for love/relationships angle cards /tarot , spirit guides etc . I'd love to give someone guidance in the right direction don't be shy to contact me as I am here to help . Stay safe & blessed be <3

Personal number 18070