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I'm Gina 21 years of age, I discovered my psychic gift When I was 19 years of age. My ability is to see the future and the past and bring peace into people's lives.

Personal number 16175


Hello my name is psychic Candice I'm a third-generation natural-born psychic born gifted I specialize in all walks of life I am a master psychic I'm a certified life coach spiritualist I provide clarity 99% accuracy honest no sugar coating I'm intuitive clairvoyant spiritualist allow me to give you guidance I helped many people giving them Clarity and set them on the right path

Personal number 21128


Reincarnation of Lilith. Practicing witch and clairvoyant. I will cast any spell needed from Love Spells. Just remember ladies and and all spells will be final so make sure this is truly what ur heart desires. Blessed Be. May Lilith bless you and your day.

Personal number 20622


Hello and welcome to my profile. I am Empress Tarot, I have been reading tarot for many years. I specialise in love and relationship readings I am non-judgmental you can talk to me about any issue that concerns you. As a psychic I can see a probable future and approximate time frames based on your current circumstances, I can illuminate alternative pathways if you wish.


Hi guys My name is Sunny and I am clairvoyant as well as clairsentient. I've always been very spiritual. Over the last few years as I've opened spiritual doors I've been able to tap more and more into my gifts. I've had many experiences with the spirit world and can read and feel energies. I frequently do readings for friends and colleagues, have completed my first degree in reiki healing, and am in tune with the realm of the Angel's. I look forward to speaking with you. Love and light.

Personal number 17061


Ive been doing tarot for 5 years. Im a psychic intuitive specializing in advice from your spiritual team. I help receive messages you have been missing on your journey and I can help identify blocks and traumas in your life stopping you from succeeding.

Personal number 21756


Personal number 18199


I am a natural psychic reader with over a 10 years professional experience. For the past years I have been helping people to find an answer and to help them in their insecurities. I always find answers and insights through the aid of my gift. Connecting with you by working with my readings it's simply the best thing all round. You can really ask me anything, no question is too BIG. Most of the time, insights and answers are immediately brought in my reading up that you can move forward with.

Personal number 19706