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I realized from a very young age that i was special. I've always had a 6th sense in the worlds around me as a medium. It took me many years to fully open myself up to my gifts. For a long time it scared me. Now I enjoy helping others find their way with guidance from my 'light ones' (what i call my spirit guides), & helping others find peace and closure Reaching out to loved ones who have passed from this worldly dimension.

Personal number 14573


I've had psychic abilities all of my life and would even set the dinner plates for spirits of deceased family members. I can connect you with your loved ones and give you messages from them. I can also explain why situations are taking place and tell you the truth of the matter.

Personal number 15674


Bring harmony back into your life! I'm an experienced tarot reader ready to help you achieve your full potential, or show you the way when the path gets confusing, and you don't know where to go anymore.

Personal number 22220


Hi I'm Medina I have been a psychic reader for the over past 20 years in which I have always had a sense of these abilities and started to develop them in later life. My readings are in depth and experienced in helping to deal with a wide variety including emotional aspirational and your reading with me will be truthful, understanding and confidential. The best times to call is during the weekdays/weekends, early mornings/afternoons. Please feel free to call me

Personal number 11383


I was born with psychic abilities and my Ancestors have guided me in helping others since childhood. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and have psychic & mediumistic abilities. I have been reading Tarot & Oracle Cards for 7 years & using Astrology for 6 years. I can offer insight into the energies of the client or any topic or person but I specialize in Love and can explore the past, present and future, while providing guidance from Spirit and solutions for blockages and challenges.

Personal number 21967


I am an empathetic and caring intuitive Tarot reader primarily. When you have a reading with me you will receive an honest, accurate and detailed read which will help you to find advice in how to handle any situation. The cards tell the story but you write the ending Qualifications: Diploma in Tarot Diploma in Psychic Development

Personal number 22662


Have questions about your life, family, loved ones, or just want your tarot reading? Let's chat. I am here for you and will let the cards answer all your questions.

Personal number 10942


I've had prophetic visions about my own life that have helped me immensely - let me help you, too.

Personal number 21463