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Hi I've been doing tarot readings for 5 years now. I'm an Aries sun, Sag moon and Leo rising. I'm really excited to working with you guys and providing messages from spirit.


I use tarot and the art of the cards to allow the guides or those who have passed on to speak through me. I've been using tarot for a year now, and I've performed psychic readings all my life! I use my gifts in a multitude of ways, be it artistically or to help others heal and receive the clarity they seek. My great Tias (aunts) were Curanderas, healers. And, I also love LOVE to interpret dreams!


Blessings! I'm Kennes Light - Empath, Healer, Energy Worker. I specialize in intuitive methods and energy readings. As a true Piscean, I love providing people with guidance and support. I can offer folks lessons, insights, and healing modalities that can be used beyond our session together. Skilled in: breath work, body awareness, angel guide work, tarot, astrology, and oracle card readings. Please bring one question/concern to our session and let me be your guide!


Hello, I am Mystic Mary J, I was born a psychic- intuitive -medium, but being raised in a very christian community, it took me while to accept my gifts as a blessing to others. I have since come to love and honor my amazing gifts. These gifts are no good to me though unless I am blessing, helping, and serving others who are lost and feeling stuck on their journey. I am here to assist Allow me to guide you through the process of gaining clarity, hope, and foresight into your future. <3 MMJ


I've been able to feel things since I was a child. My father practiced Santeria with priests in the Caribbean and taught me how see and read energies. Yes I have the ability to heal, both physically and spiritually. I specialize in reading your truth about family trauma and lost love.


I have over 19 years of experience My Specialties are Tarot Cards Astrology and My Spirit Guides help me to get you on the right path of life ... All matters of Life will be answer threw one reading .. Love Money Career and Relationships


I discovered my abilities som 23 years ago, after my mother passed. Few month after her death I start having out of body experiences followed by dreams of the future that were coming true. Soon after I started taking lessons of tarot and astrology. A lot of my insights are intuitive.


I have always felt there was something strange going on in the world. Ever since I was a child, I have been able to remember all my dreams. The other world was blending with waking life. I specialize in: -Dream Inception/Dream Interpretation + Seeing others in dreams -Questions concerning lovers, friendships, work etc. -Dark energy issues and past life cleansing -Paranornal feelings and experiences