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I am working as psychic since almost 6 years. I focus on Tarot Card readings, Life, Love & Relationships and messages for the Soul. Whatever is bothering you, i'm here to help you to get rid of it and find back to yourself.


Hi! My name is Amelia Taylor and I am here to help you on your spiritual journey! I specialize in tarot pulls, love advice, and astrology. Will you be the one to embark on this journey with me :)


I have been working professionally for the past 16 years .I take pride in my gift because I help others have guidance and clarity in their darkest times when things are not clear and the future is so dim to them I help them to know what's to come I discovered my gift at 9 years the elders in my family told me I have a gift and taught me how to practice it and use it. My clairvoyant gift will tell you pacific times and dates of future events. I can also tell you how he or she feels for you


Hi, My Name is Robert i been into psychic reading for quite some time now and i wanted to hear whatever kind of problems or concerns you have for me to help with like i always say treat others the way you want to be treated


Am a humble, kind, friendly person and a very good listener. I love traveling, trying new things, seeing new stuff. Meeting new people learning about different cultures.


I've been able to help all of my friends and read people since i was young. Usually I'm pretty good at it as long as you're completely honest.


I am an expert at relationships and relationship issues and/ or advice and consulting. You can some to me for just about anything including tarot readings and palm readings and much more that I have to offer.


Hey babes ! I have been on this spiritual journey for some time now and I want to share my messages with you! Come align your chakras and look in the future with me ! I also do some energy and shadow work I am a reiki master !