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Your friendly green witch is here to help you with all of life's biggest questions! I've known I had a special connection with the universe since I was a child. I practice as a solitary green witch and guide my life through tarot and astrology. I also read tea leaves. I specialize in relationships


I am very spiritual and found my psychic gift at a young age! I've been practicing about 7 years now! I specialize in mostly tarot and healing! Let me help you!


I am a spiritual healer, i give advice and let you release your negativity. I help i cope. I can see your future. I can see your past . I can help you!!


As a child, I found myself drifting between realms. Always searching for answers for my friends and family. My vivid dreams always connected with reality and offered advice, guidance and hope. Raised within an open and loving background, I was allowed to grow and develop my gifts. What is it that ails you? What questions do you have? I will reach into my cards and open these questions on the table for you.


I first discovered my gift when I was teenager but never put it to use until these past few years. I want to help people and bring them comfort in any way I can. I can give advice, comfort, help you take the right step in the right direction and together we'll make sure you achieve happiness.


Hi I'm Trixie! If you have never tried a Psychic Reading before, now is a perfect time! I provide guidance and assistance for my clients in understanding the dynamics and difficulties of the challenges in their lives. My services are accurate, detailed, professional, and strictly confidential. Learn more about my Readings and how I can help meet your needs.


I have the psychic ability to go hand in hand with witchcraft. I'm very well with Aura Readings. i'm able to perceive energy surrounding a living person.


high melatonin levels for higher accuracy readings. Text me to get your readings and see whats instore for your future.