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I am here to be your special guide. Let me connect with you or heal your aliments. Only you could end your troubles and worries


I am able to see past your Trauma and get down to your core of why its there and how to release this from yourself... once that is done I am able to connect with your energy and help you take a journey past what you think is expected from you. This is specifically of mine. Runs in my family.

Personal number 18758


I feel as though I have been given the gift of foresight, I believe that through the cards, through others, and through the colors I am able to see surrounding people, I can help others with the path they are on.


available for live/chat tarot readings: love and relationships, spirit guide messages. astrological guidance coming soon. i have been practicing for 3 years with positive reviews from all for whom i have read. guaranteed for your highest good.


I am Lilla, 30 years old. I can see clearly more things. I like speak and help for everybody. I can use herbs too. When I born, already on me was gift. I hope, that I can help more people in all world.


Full time teacher, willing to advice you. Love to spend my time with talking to interesting people from all around the world. Experienced Psychologist and Relationship Specialist. Feel free to write me a Message.