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I can answer any questions you have about a relationship or a situation with the help of my cards ?


I have been able to hear and see spirits since childhood and began predicting events at a very young age. This is a gift I have come to both appreciate and hone, meditating daily and learning new ways to access information for those I love. I’ve also practiced healing, astral projection and travel, and angel tarot cards. I hope I am able to share this with someone seeking peace, as I truly care about people and want to help.

Personal number 46912


I realized my gifts when i was in my 20’s. And have been mastering them ever since..I deal with clients from all over the World..I love to bring out people’s life purpose & help you to navigate through the maze of life bringing you to complete clarity..

Personal number 43526


I started Tarot reading about 5 years ago. I do yes or no answers ONLY, so you must ask yes or no question. Most people have told me my answers for them come true in roughly a 2 week time frame. I always tell people, I am not here to give you the answers you want, so do not get angry with me when I don't tell what you want to hear. That's not how this works.


I perform very accurate readings using tarot cards & my pendelum. I am able to answer questions about the past, present & future.


Tarots are a link between the other world and this one, informing us of that which we know or hope to discover. I was born with a veil as are all the Dalai Lamas I have been doing readings and helping others for 35 years and have been able to locate the missing. Don't stay stressed, it helps immensely to talk to someone.

Personal number 46256


Card Reader Tarrot Vourisim Telepathically Love & Work Adviser New Age Relationship Adviser Are you in need of real facts or ready to make a decision? SandyDays , can help you find what you need to know .

Personal number 43054


Hi I've been reading tarot for three years. I was naturally drawn to it because I've always had prophetic dreams, and I've always had growing up and felt tarot enhances my psychic gift.