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Love and relationship, Spiritual readings, Career and work, Astrology oracle cards are my specialty.

Personal number 17803


I've always had a sensitivity towards other worldly things. I have recently decided to start using my gifts in order to help others and pass along messages or even tell you what the stars hold for you.


I am here to heal broken spirits and lost souls. I'm experienced in the art of healing. I approach all things holistically.


I have been working with the public for over 35 years as a psychic and card reader and spiritual healer I have advised people in areas of love and relationship career and Family Matters also threw my psychic abilities I will unfold cards which will help me guide you to your path in life helping to bring Clarity to you. my gift started to develop when I was only 10 years old I was able to see the aura and energy . My grandmother was gifted and she helped me to understand my purpose,


Is it really a secret what the future holds? Have you need of answer that you can not seem to find. Let me help guide you to what may come for your future. Insight from a sharp mind and clairvoyance will help you see that image clearly. Influences from the stars and planets is a key, Astrological signs are more than a horoscope. They are a pathway to unlocking who you are and who you potentially could be. I can help you find the answers you seek, and more any time you need.


I am an empath as well as clairvoyant and clairaudient, I also offer dream interpretations. I've been work with friends and family for years and have recently extended that to clients with satisfactory results! Let me offer you peace of mind and give you the answers you seek.

Personal number 11842



I have vivid flashes into peoples stories within meeting them upon first conversation I can see the steps they need to take to be successful. I've had this gift since I was 4 years old. I used it to avoid trouble many times .