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I'm an Intuitive/Empath, spiritual Counselor, w/ Psychic insights. I have been providing professional readings for over 20 years. I am Wiccan & certified in Parapsychology & Astrology. My sessions are accurate & caring. I use various methods, of Tarot, Crystal Grids, Numerology,& at times, my spirit guide. Often times, I will teach methods so that you can learn to use your own intuition. I am here to give you insight, so that you can make the choices that you feel are best for you.

Personal number 10664


Hi I am 53 and now a retired nurse after 30 years in forensic psychiatry in the NHS i can now follow my path as a gifted Clairsentient I sense energy's in other people gaining psychic insight. gut feelings. Pick up on Spirit feelings. Physically feel other people's pain. I feel empathy.sympathy.emotions and physical sensations I develop and strengthen my Clairsentience skills by accessing divine guidance. I have a high level of perception and connect emotionally with my calls

Personal number 12476


Psychic Emma is inviting you on a journey to enlightenment balance the mind body and soul using her techniques she is able to read with very little information such as name and date of birth if you are wondering what the year 2021 has planned for you contact her today! Emma specializes in reuniting twin flames past lives Love break ups and much more! She is positive and a comforting person who offers the best advice no matter the situation and offers you the truth & clarity you need

Personal number 19908


Genuine caring listener with years of experience as a Counsellor aswell as having a natural gift . 5X RATED WITH MANY REPEAT CALLERS My Unique Cards can uncover many surprises! I can be here to reassure you or even answer the silliest or even smallest of questions that you may think but I never will. I am not here to judge but to help you and guide you into a brighter light. Your happiness & future awaits ! Lots of love ❤️

Personal number 17047


Tarot and Oracle reads available now. I read from my heart and want to help you see the bigger picture. I offer help in love and relationship matters, career guidance and help in deep personal development. If you can't decide which choice to make, I'm here to help you decide. If you are simply curious, we'll figure everything out together through your spirit guides guidance.

Personal number 10056


I am a tarologist. The tarologist is a person who has studied a foreign language "spoken" by the major and minor arcana, he does not add or subtract anything but rather translates to the consultant what "they" say. In addition to predicting the future of the consultant, his tarots are interested in examining the present, bringing him to reflection, advising him and guiding him towards the solution of his small or large problems.

Personal number 19070


8th gen. Roma/Aegyptana ethnic indig. true faith pathfinder, guide, advisor. Gifts: illusionist and storytelling, cards on request. Focus: Galactic astrology n tactics of anti-witchcraft-voodoo and dark arts. I am Akasha, highest best good, quantum mech. realm. Freestyle, elemental desires/centering. Plethora of tech configures my style. Love reads monogamy/matrimony. Masculine-feminine natural law chromosome only. Spiritual unions of self/unifying truly honest relationship to self/partner.

Personal number 13453


Hi, I'm here to bring you some relief to a wondering mind, clarity to a situation. I was born under a sign that very intuitive strong enough to be a psychic. Being able to see spirits, ghosts, I feel their presences as a young child, it only progressed throughout the years. I've always been curious about the spirit world which drew me to my first deck of tarot cards & better connection to spirits. I'm looking forward to bring you some closure, relief, guidance to your day.

Personal number 14503