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I've been giving tarot & Oracle readings for the past 11 years. I specialize in love and relationship any general questions you have about your life any confusion I will happily assist and help clarify any blockages that you may be having. I can go into specific details. I can also assist in looking into what your partner may be feeling or peers, boss, coworkers, family etc about you. To help induce success clear communications within any dynamics of any relationship you may have.


Hi, I'm Moonstone. I'm a second-generation fortune teller. I do Tarot, Oracle Readings, and a pendulum for your yes-no questions. Message me and start a conversation. For a more insightful reading please Request an in-depth reading, Call or book an appointment through the app. Ask almost anything. I do not do love triangles they are too controversial. And I do not enjoy doing them. People get nasty when the cards don't go their way. Nothing is set in stone. You choose your Destiny let me help.

Personal number 19664


My abilities came known to me when I was 15, it has been passed down through many women of my family. I specialize in tarot readings, love, healing and astrology.

Personal number 14911


Fifth generation love psychic and clairvoyant, and trained intuitive healer and master empath. I specialize in twin flame readings, tarot readings, intuitive coaching, personalized spells. I'll guide you to becoming the best, most authentic, happy you! Live the life you truly deserve.

Personal number 12317


I will give you in-bias insight for yourself that you will definitely would understand pertaining to your question if you do. I wow every client that I do give a reading to. Me building my repeating clients with me just as well as building a virtual connection because of the loving readings that I give!! I just use my intuition and the imagery/ meaning of the cards to see the message that it is trying to tell My readings are EXTREMELY beautiful!!

Personal number 14176


Hello I am a gifted psychic reader and adviser for over 10 years I am a non-judge mental psychic I will not sugarcoat anything I specialize in all matters of life such as loving relationships high chakra career marriage business past present future shock revising or a cleansing loving life coaching business career or a cleansing spiritual reading spiritual guidance anything it might no problem too big or small allow me to tap in to your energy and give you the complete guidance and clarity

Personal number 18979


I have the ability to feel anyone's stress. Instantly determine things they need to do to recover from this stress and also guidance to avoid it.

Personal number 17897


Hey My name is Yin, Im a psychic medium, I always knew I was different until I turned 16 thats when everything started showing more in my eyes. This lady approach me and told me about myself and I was scared wasnt ready to accept my gift until I had to face them. Day by day things change and gets more interesting. I love helping people understand things and letting them know theres more to what is! No such thing as a coincidence.

Personal number 13997