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Hello, lovelies. Have you been feeling unsure of which path to take? Are you worried that your partner may not be the one? Let me help put your mind at ease. I specialize in guided meditation (recommended before every session), astrology, love & relationships and more. Let's connect!

Personal number 15539


Tarot, pendulum, and witchcraft advice. Always here to help with anything you may need. Been practicing for many years and am finally choosing to share my gift of divination with others.

Personal number 14297


I have had this abilities since I was around 15 years old. I use my own intuition and psychic abilities as my primary way of communication during readings, as my spirits often help me deliver information clearly and accurately. Manifestation is key. Tarot reading, Psychic abilities.

Personal number 18574


Since I was 5 I knew I was different than everyone else. I could hear people talking that weren't there and I always knew when something bad was going to happen way before it did happen. As Ive gotten older I have learned how to grow with my gift and help other's in a way nobody else could. I can see your future and I know when sickness is going to hit ones family or bring a message back from ones loved one whom died long time ago

Personal number 19602


Personal number 10554


I have been reading tarot for decade and began giving readings to other people privately and at events such as parties and fairs 7 years ago. I primarily use tarot and my intuition, consulting my spirit guide and channelling messages from Spirit as needed. When I feel called to I use oracle cards instead or with my tarot cards. I give readings on romance, friendship, career, schooling, life path, and more.

Personal number 12339


My grandma was a slavic witch and I've learned from here how to use communicate with people of the past and how to help others to see their future

Personal number 17557


I have been studying Tarot and Astrology as well as other areas that exercise my psychic gifts for over seven years. As a yoga teacher, I have a special ability to read one's energy, evaluate where they need healing, and communicate what they are meant to hear in a powerful, often comforting manner. As an artist, I am blessed with a unique perspective that allows me translate the energy & guidance I receive from the universe in a way that speaks to my clients in a more personal, special way.

Personal number 16578