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I am a natural born psychic ready to serve! Want him/her back? Let me look. I use all my gifts to tell you the truth. Know that all readings are for the greatest and highest good of all involved.

Personal number 11826


I take time to feel your concerns. Connecting to what is unsaid. To provide keen insight on the root of the concern(s). Through guided coaching and meditation. What do you want to walk away from? What are your next steps? How soon you want that commitment? I new when I was a little girl. I begged my older sibling not to leave the home that faithful afternoon for hours I did everything to stall/stop them. That night the ended up in the hospital with a broken leg, & concussion. My gift.

Personal number 16609


Namaste I'm a Master Psychic & Healer with generationally inherited gifts of Divine seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing & healing! I QUICKLY TUNE IN TO ENERGIES WITH NO INFORMATION FROM YOU. I will be working greatly with these gifts and with the assistance of Tarot & Oracle Cards. By connecting with me, you will feel empowered & ready to face any darkness in your life with courage & confidence. I can help in any area: general, love, career, finances, family, relationships, emotional, spiritual.

Personal number 19746


I have a variety of different skills and experiences in being a tarot card reader and a clairvoyant-medium. I am direct but at the same time, empathetic. I use my natural abilities which are a hereditary gift. I am able to provide you with information about your future as well as your current situation. I can always connect with messages from Spirits. I am able to guide you in seeing the positive of all situations so you can make warming decisions. I would love to connect with you.

Personal number 11029


Practicing since childhood and taught by my grandmother. Pendulum readings are available, yes or no questions.

Personal number 16224


I have been gifted since I was a child I remember getting scared hearing someone whispering in my ear telling me what will happen next or how I can help that person in front of me since I discovered that I had angels around me guiding me to help others I helped a lot of couples and people finding love . I specialize in relationships, love ,luck I work only with good energies , angels and good vibes I can do readings , spells and send you vibes to attract love or what you need .

Personal number 19758


Is she the right one for you? Find out what the future holds for you! with Madam Rona's popular Tarot: Love and Relationship readings.

Personal number 12302


Hey! Ive been reading Tarot for 25 years and absolutely adore Tarot and anything spiritual. I own many decks and include pendulum answers in my readings!