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I am a Clairvoyant intuitive energy, that is here to help bring clarity to you. On any situation, I do use tarot as a tool. Mainly I tap into your energy. So feel free to contact me

Personal number 21631


Hey! I'm a really good tarot reader. I've been doing it for 3 years and I've never failed yet. Also I'm a good love adviser.

Personal number 10909


I've always been in touch with my Spirit Guides and being able to see things before they happen...very intuitive...great at reading people and picking up on positive and negative vibes. Let me help you tap in...#itsavibe

Personal number 21616


Hello, beautiful people! One of my main passions and hobbies has always been spirituality in whatever form that reveals itself to me over the years. I have been reading tarot for almost 9 years and was introduced to it when I came into contact with my biological family. I have an affinity for the occult and can do any sort of spell work / Energy work or divination of your choice. I love helping others so if you come to me, I'll use my talents and work to come up with a solution that benefits you

Personal number 19240


Hi, I am Jessica and for over 30 years I have used tarot cards to help people. I can also use astrology to connect on more levels and give a more rounded reading. I will listen and hopefully guide you in the direction which you feel is best for you in all areas of life, such as relationships.

Personal number 14703


I'm one of extreme sensitivity to all. And look forward to assisting you on your journey. Just a call away

Personal number 20776


hello! my name is kacee and my passion is to help people in need! so lets talk about how your day was!

Personal number 21628


I have had these gifts ever since I can remember! I love this work and I have been doing readings for over 40 years! Love is my specialty so allow me to help you in love.I take what I do very seriously and feel honored to help every person that calls me with integrity and thoughtfulness. I feel a reading should enlighten, confirm, find solutions, clarity and give you peace of mind. When you call me Be prepared to receive an Honest, Direct, Open-hearted yet Empathic, Sensitive Reading

Personal number 21499