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Hey! Ive been reading Tarot for 25 years and absolutely adore Tarot and anything spiritual. I own many decks and include pendulum answers in my readings!


I am a empath and free spirit at heart. I received my gift at a rather young age. I am intuitive, I pick up on emotions and negative energy instantly. I offer readings through Tarot, Oracle cards and yes/no questions.

Personal number 15124


With such a busy online scene of advisors, psychics, healers, and coaches these days, it's hard to know who to trust! It is so damaging to get bad psychic advice. It's important to me to be a source of true guidance and to help you in the right direction. I offer a wide range of services that will guide you and assist you in making better choices. I have got 100% accuracy in all my readings and even though I try to find flaws in my own visions and readings, they are fortunately always accurate.

Personal number 16716


I am a destiny pilot and flights are direct!!!!!! Let go of old and pick up new energy. WE can explore new ways and means including adventures and paths never contemplated. I'm a mystic woman. Clairvoyant, CLAIRAUDIENT and empathic/intuitive, Let's energetically transform to a new vibe of LOVE AND ABUNDANCE you can create as if by magic, you can be amazed by yourself everyday. Understand your innate wisdom without confusion. Gain clarity and empower yourself toward a NEW end.

Personal number 17158


Fast and accurate. Truthful answers from a caring and experienced advisor. I have been guiding for over 10 years, find out why...

Personal number 19684


I discovered my gift after my mother introduced me to tarot. It has been passed down by the women in my family and now I'm here to help you answer the questions you may have for the universe.

Personal number 18788


I am a natural born psychic medium who specializes in honest and upfront readings. You can expect nothing but the honest truth from me, delivered gently and from the heart. I don't sugarcoat anything but I'm intuitive on how to phrase the messages I receive for you to understand and grasp the best possible way.

Personal number 18551


Empath, past present and future. Whats in your cards? Here to guide you along your path and answers those heavy questions

Personal number 17427